Maria Zaharovna Panichkina

(1904 - 1977)

A celebrated specialist in the study of the Caucasian Paleolithic Age, and a Candidate of Historical Sciences. Her most important work, titled “The Paleolithic period of Armenia”,  features a high standard analysis of the Paleolithic complex in Satani-Dar. She contributed heavily to the expansion of the Department’s Paleolithic collection. She was actively engaged in organising new permanent, as well as temporary, exhibitions in the Department. For the first time in the Hermitage’s history newly developed curating and exhibitional techniques were used to actively engage with visitors’ interests. It was under Panichkina that the Department first began to publish “The Archaeological Almanac.”

Panichkina worked in the Deparment between 1946-1963, and headed the Department between the years 1955-1960.